Ingersoll AW20 Campaign

Ingersoll AW20 Campaign

The art of everyday luxury defines the latest collection of Ingersoll timepieces.

Taking a historic passion for creating timepieces with a precious and personal value that enrich and help to enjoy the art of time telling. Reimagining it in a modern interpretation of exceptionalism through quality and design and not through price. This collection continues the tradition of creating exquisite timepieces that excel in the space between luxury and the everyday.

Our accompanying story telling campaign perfectly showcases the everyday luxury philosophy. The nostalgically inspiring road trip through the rugged backdrop creates the perfect setting. A bold awakening to remind us of what truly matters, not based on the unachievable but on the pleasure of the achievable.

The featured 1965 Mustang GT350 with iconic Shelby racing stripe, stirs up emotions that demand attention and appreciation, weaving historical and modern inspirations into one. With an unmistakeable air of grace. Elegant and sophisticated while remaining contemporary. Sharing an intimate connection with the driver’s space, so do our watches. Meticulous in their attention to detail and exuding luxury in its true definition. 

Ingersoll is your personal definition of everyday luxury, creating an emotional moment every time you look at an Ingersoll watch.