Ingersoll celebrates American Jazz music as a "True Original". Jazz is widely recognised as "Americas Classical Music" with New Orleans being its birthplace back in the early 1910s.

Jazz music, as a True Original, has enjoyed continued popularity from generation to generation with a depth of feeling and consciousness that touches our inner emotion and has remained relevant today.

Showcasing the Spring Summer 2019 Collection, this campaign is once again shot using Tin Type photography, on location in New Orleans at the world-famous Preservation Hall. A Jazz institution since it opened in 1961 and featuring The Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

The new watch collection is a perfect blend of traditional aesthetic and modern appeal. With unique artistry and attention to detail that embodies the creative flair that is individual to every musician as they create and play through personal inspiration and a calling to something unique as a reflection of their experiences, thoughts, heart and soul.

As with the music that we listen to, holds a personal affection to be celebrated and treasured, so too does owning one of our timepieces. A possession that will live with us daily as a reminder that we hold dear and memories that are created and cherished... a timeless worth and a personal reflection of our inner self.